Dedicated to providing full service to our customers, our qualified staff in Manhattan, Kansas includes engineers with advanced degrees in environmental, civil and chemical engineering. Our CAD drafting department uses the latest technology to help in the detailed design of our systems. Our commitment to service does not end on the start-up date. Aero-Mod also has licensed wastewater treatment operators on staff to aid in plant operations.

In the 1990's, Aero-Mod developed innovative clarifier technology and nutrient removal processes. These advancements by Aero-Mod in the wastewater treatment industry have resulted in our solutions being recognized as on the cutting edge with advantages unmatched by others. Today, Aero-Mod continues to improve on its past accomplishments (160 installations in 12 years) while offering cost effective, compact yet operator friendly plants. Our latest technology uses non-corrosive materials for fabrication. Our wastewater treatment solutions require minimal or no mechanical moving parts under the water, thereby requiring less maintenance and replacement of component parts over the life of the plant.

The experience of Aero-Mod has been put to work in more than 400 installations worldwide over the past 25 years. These include many municipal applications throughout the U.S, resorts, prisons and housing developments, as well as industrial pre-treatment applications, such as: food, beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical applications. Industrial clients include: Ford Motor, General Motors, Kraft Foods, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, Intel Corporation, and others.

We hold seven major equipment and process patents. Our unique equipment provides our customers the best value without compromising basic, sound biological and engineering principles.

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